Wednesday, July 4, 2012

refocused - days 168-178

So, I missed several days while at camp because I was busy and it was raining. I have decided to redefine my purpose and vision for this project. I will continue, but I won't worry when I miss a day or two. I will just keep going and challenging myself until I reach day 365, whenever that may be. I hope you all don't mind. :)

day 168

day 169

day 170

day 171

day 172

During fellowship time, someone said "Hey! You like ice cream and feet. Take a picture!" Ah, these people know me so well. :)

day 173

I missed a few days between the last day and day 173 because those were the rainy days.

day 174

I was so happy to see my family again.

day 175

day 176

day 177

day 178








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